venerdì 13 giugno 2008

Matryoshkas love! And a blog featuring ^.*

Hello everyone!
I'm very happy because the swap I made for Laura (fraeulein 2eck on Flickr) is arrived to its new home, and Laura love it!
She asked me two pair of earrings: Red Apples earrings and Tea Time earrings! Then I added two little surprises: two English Tea bags and a Green Apple cell phone charm! I'm very happy she likes them, and she speaks about me on her blog, HERE! =D
These are the photos I made before sending the swap.

But now...
I must confess: I'm completely in love with Matryoshkas. Those Russian dolls are adorable! So... I thought, some months ago, that I could make them by myself with polymer clay!

This is my latest Matryoshka, on sell on my Etsy shop :

This is a very cute charm! The body is made of FIMO (polymer clay); the eyes, the hair, the mouth and the flowers on her body are handpainted by me with acrylics with love and care!It is varnished with a special gloss lacquer for polymer clay after baking. It mesures about 3cm, hook included.
You can hang it on a bracelet, necklace, mobile, bag or anything else!

If you are interested in buying and you haven't an Etsy account, feel free to contact me at !

Here you can find some other exemples of Matryoshkas I made.

My first tries:

An Irish Matryoshka, for Ireland lovers! On sell on my Etsy and DaWanda shops!

These two Matryoshkas are my first tries of Polymer clay Matryoshkas doll with painted details: eyes, hair and flowers are handpainted by me!

Do you like them? If you do, check out my Matryoshkas set on my Flickr Gallery ... I regularly upload new photos!


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