domenica 15 giugno 2008

Starry Night Matryoshka, new Etsy listing!


Yes, I know I should study for my exams, but in this period I have so much inspiration!

And besides I'm very excited because this afternoon I'll create with a friend of mine =)))

But now........ I'me very proud to show you my favourite Matryoshka, my masterpiece (anyway...I think so! =P I like her so much!).
You can find her on my Etsy shop.

She is a very cute charm! Her name is Starry Night Matryoshka (I've been ispired by the famous paints of Vincent Van Gogh). She's a pearl blue Matryoshka (a Russian Doll); the body is made of FIMO (polymer clay); the eyes, the hair, the mouth and the golden decorations on her body are handpainted by me with acrylics with love and care! It is varnished with a special gloss lacquer for polymer clay after baking. It mesures about 2,7cm, hook included.

You can hang it on a bracelet, necklace, mobile, bag or anything else!

If you are interested in buying and you haven't an Etsy account, feel free to contact me at !



2 commenti:

Ravenhill ha detto...

Thank you for your lovely comment today! Don't you make the cutest babushka charms!!!

Marian ha detto...

Ciao Maria!
What a lovely bead! So much detail! amazing!!! I just bought a package of FIMO for the first time and Im trying the material out. Although I work mostly with handfelt these days, ceramics have always been there, so i thought I'd give fimo a try...nice stuff!!!


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