sabato 20 agosto 2011

Love at first sight: the prettiest tiny houses

Little village with four houses and a striped lighthouse handmade by rodica

Il mio "colpo di fulmine" di oggi: un adorabile e minuscolo villaggio con casette e un faro, handmade by rodica su Etsy. E' il paesino di pescatori più carino che abbia mai visto...

Vi ricordo che se volete pubblicizzarvi sul mio blog, trovate tutte le info QUI. E che i miei negozi Blomming e Dawanda sono aperti :) Il negozio su BigCartel (in cui acquistare la collezione Treasures) riaprirà invece i primi di settembre.

My "love at first sight" of today: an adorable and tiny village with little houses and a lighthouse, handmade by rodica on Etsy. This is the prettiest fishing village I ever seen...

I remind you that if you want to advertise on my blog, you can find more info HERE. And that my Dawanda shop is open :) My BigCartel shop (here you can buy the Treasures collection) will reopen the first days of September. 

2 commenti:

Rodi ha detto...

SO lovely to see my little village on your blog! Thank you for featuring it and for the lovely words!

Grazie mille, Mary!

jacqueline ha detto...

Dearest sweeet mary, these are the prettiest little houses. I could just picture them display at my little studio. :)
Best of luck with your studies...and try to keep cool since the weather there is really warm. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


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